Coach Joseph Beltran

League Founder, Owner, & Director​

Joseph Beltran [along with his wife Melissa Beltran] is the founder, owner and program director of All Star Basketball. Since 2002 Joseph has been coaching sports classes to children of all ages. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and several post graduate fitness, sports, and nutrition certifications.

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Dear Parents,

We founded the All Star Basketball League because we feel teaching children the love of athletic competition leads to a stronger, brighter future for them and for our country. Both my wife and I grew up playing all kinds of sports and through the dedication of our parents and coaches we learned that athletic competition is fun and rewarding, but requires hard work, dedication, and commitment. We also learned that we must strive to win, but the focus should not be solely on winning; it’s the journey and drive to win that’s more important. 

Through the All Star Basketball league we strive to teach all participants those same things we learned. I, personally, attribute a lot of my success in college, business, and as a parent to my participation in athletic competition.

The All Star Basketball League has as its goal to teach children the love of sport, competition, and commitment to success. Our athletes learn skills, strategies and teamwork and build confidence in this positively competitive environment. Sportsmanship and character education are emphasized at each practice. Speed and agility training is a bonus to help kids excel in any physical activity. Sports is a great way to get all children excited about working hard, challenging themselves, self discipline, and a healthy desire to compete - all skills necessary for life!  

We can’t wait to meet you and your child. And we especially can’t wait to see what positive impact your child will have in the future.

Coach Joseph Beltran, League Founder & Director

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2101 Redbud Ave. McAllen, TX 78504