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Participation in an All Star Basketball rental event requires acceptance of the following. Should you withdraw and return at a later date, the following waiver and releases remain applicable during your absence and continue upon your return. Scroll to the bottom to sign. 

All Star Basketball Participation Gym Rental Event

By renting the All Star Basketball facility I agree to the following:

Indemnification and Hold Harmless Clause 

The Renter & their guests shall indemnify and hold harmless Stretch-n-Grow of the RGV, LLC; All Star Basketball; Anjali, LLC and any of its officers, employees, servants, agents, contractors, and volunteers from any and all loss, liability, claims or expenses arising out of the use and/or occupation of the property belonging to Stretch-n-Grow of the RGV, LLC; All Star Basketball; Anjali, LLC  by the user group and any of its officers, employees, servants, agents, contractors, and volunteers.


  • Gym Rental is for ADULT PARTICIPANTS ONLY unless you have been granted special written permission by owners of facility.

  • Only basketball or volleyball is allowed in the gym.

  • Renter must provide their own basketballs and/or volleyball

  • No food or drinks allowed on the court floor. 

  • No dunking the ball or hanging on the rim.

  • No profanity or inappropriate language attire or behavior.


  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on the property.

  • No smoking in or outside the facility property.

  • No weapons allowed in the facility

  • No pets allowed in the facility.

  • No tournaments or advertised (paid) games allowed. 

All Star Basketball Participant/Parent/Guardian Acceptance of Risk & Release of Liability


By participating in any physical activity at All Star Basketball you are agreeing to the following waiver.


I, the parent/guardian/ participant, in registering with All Star Basketball League a division of Stretch-n-Grow of the RGV, LLC, understands that he/she/I in attending the events for All Star Basketball League and using the facilities does so at his/her/my own risk.

I acknowledge that I am aware of the risks inherent in participating in basketball or other athletic event; both practice and competition; that basketball is a physical sport which can require, considerable running and physical exertion; and could potentially lead to body harm or limb injuries and even death. Participants and parents assume full responsibility for all injuries and damages which may occur in or at any of All Star Basketball League events.

He/she/I do or does hereby fully and forever release, discharge and hold harmless Stretch-n-Grow of the RGV, All Star Basketball League, Angali LLC, and any partner schools' organizers, owners, employees, sponsors, and agents from any and all claims, demands, damages, rights of action, property loss, present or future resulting from or arising out of any person’s participation.

In addition, he/she/I agree(s) to follow rules of play and conduct set by All Star Basketball League and the gym site(s). He/she/I understand(s) that failure to do so my result in suspension from participation.

I give permission for my/my child/child's picture and video to be taken and used in league website, advertising, materials and social media.

I give All Star Basketball permission to email and text the mobile number(s) I provided at the time of registration.

Keep a youth sports environment for the children that is free from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol and must refrain from their use at all Basketball events.

I agree with the Code Parent, Player, & Spectator of Conduct for Players and Parents and will abide by the rules. I understand All Star Basketball Officials have the right to remove my child from a team and or league for failure to abide by the rules. Also, I agree that All Star Basketball Officials have the right to remove a participant, parent, or other visitor from the facility if the rules are broken.

Thanks for submitting!

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